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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Watch Miss World Philippines 2017 Live Streaming and Replay

Catch Watch Miss World Philippines 2017 Live Streaming Online. Miss World Philippines is the national franchise of the prestigious Miss World Pageant. Since then, Miss World Philippines has been producing world class beauty queens who compete against almost 120 Miss World hopefuls each year.

"Since 1966, forty-eight Filipinas have graced the world’s most prestigious stage. It is the diversity of the Filipina beauty that has been stunning both the avid and casual pageant viewers alike. This is the country that makes a name for an allure that stands out beyond appearance. We believe that the Filipina beauty queen triumphs not only because of her beauty, but her significance."
Miss Laura Lehmann is one of the favorite to win the crown this year. Laura is the UAAP court side reporter and a beauty queen.

The 34 Official Candidates of Miss World Philippines 2017.

  1. Ethel Abellanosa
  2. Princess Marquez Laureano
  3. Cynthia Magpatoc Thomalla
  4. Teresita Marquez
  5. Janela Joy Cuaton
  6. Jona IliSweett
  7. Veronica Villones
  8. Henna Kaizzelle Nicole Gonzalez Cajandig
  9. Laura Lehmann
  10. Gabriela Madarieta Ortega
  11. Ella Eiveren Lubag
  12. Sheila Marie Reyes
  13. Leidda Paulette Babasanta
  14. Kaycie Lyn Fajardo
  15. Joanna Rabe
  16. Jane Darren Genobisa
  17. Chelsea Manalo
  18. Trizha Bartolome Ocampo
  19. Krystle Ann Ongjanco
  20. Shawntel Michole Cruz
  21. Sophia Senoron
  22. Jeanyfer Garvilles Ozbot
  23. Noelle Uy-Tuazon
  24. Monica Deveza
  25. Netania Deveza
  26. Angelica Burgos
  27. Andrea Poliquit
  28. Rose Flores
  29. Kathryn Jade Cudiamat
  30. Christine Angel Alvaira
  31. Cristina Coloma
  32. Zara Carbonell
  33. Kathleen Tagle Gomez
  34. Glyssa Perez
We will post the live streaming link on this page once it becomes available online.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Maine Mendoza in Bikini Photo gone viral

Maine Mendoza posted a photo of her wearing a two-piece with captions "comfort zone and my kind of Sunday afternoon. Today July 16 is the 2nd Anniversary of Aldub. If Maine will be on the cover of FHM there is a big chance that she will take the top spot in FHM 100 Sexiest Woman in the Philippines.

The photo was done in a very artistic shot which might be a photo shoot for a magazine. 
A post shared by Maine Mendoza (@mainedcm) on
A post shared by Maine Mendoza (@mainedcm) on
A post shared by Maine Mendoza (@mainedcm) on
A post shared by Maine Mendoza (@mainedcm) on
A post shared by Maine Mendoza (@mainedcm) on

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Watch Destined to Be Yours Live Streaming Online

Where to watch Destined to Be Yours working Live Streaming online? Live Streaming by JHOnline for Kapuso who doesn't have access to Pinoy TV.

Destined to be Yours is a Philippine romantic-comedy and drama television series starring the phenomenal love team Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza on their first ever primetime series together. It premiered on February 27, 2017 replacing Alyas Robin Hood on GMA Telebabad block and worldwide through GMA Pinoy TV. The television show follows the story of star-crossed lovers Sinag (Mendoza) and Benjie (Richards).

Stream Online

Destined to Be Yours Pilot Episode reached 4.6 Million Tweets

Watch AlDub Nation show support during the pilot episode of Destined to Be Yours on February 27, 2017.

According to Twitter, the hashtag #DestinedToBeYours hit 4.6 Million Tweets.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Where to watch Destined to Be Yours Live Streaming and Replay

Catch Destined to Be Yours Live Streaming and Replay.

Destined to be Yours is an upcoming Filipino romantic-comedy television drama series that will be broadcast by GMA Network headlining the AlDub love team of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, which will be their very first standalone television series. It will be premiered on February 27, 2017 replacing Alyas Robin Hood on GMA Telebabad primetime block and worldwide through GMA Pinoy TV. The television show follows the story of star-crossed lovers Sinag (Mendoza) and Benjie (Richards).

Sinag Obispo (Maine Mendoza) is a DJ in a community radio station at her (fictional) hometown of Pelangi. The paradise-like town of Pelangi was formerly a well-developed municipality due to its being a mining town but many people were forced to leave the the town after mining firms closed down. Sinag stayed behind because she loves her hometown and she wants to preserve the traditions and culture of the place through the community radio station whom she inherited from her grandfather.

Meanwhile, Benjie Rosales (Alden Richards) just graduated as an architect. His father died when he was young and his mother, Amanda (Lotlot de Leon), solely raised him. Unknown to Benjie, his grandfather, Vicente Rosales (Tommy Abuel), is a real-estate tycoon and her mother suddenly encourages him to contact the Rosales kin. Upon meeting the Rosales household, the whole family did not fully welcome Benjie except for his grandmother, Helen (Boots Anson-Roa), who convinced Benjie to work at their real estate company.

As Benjie accepts the job, he was assigned to a project at Pelangi where he is destined to meet Sinag. Their life will change and intertwine as they fall in love with each other. source: wikipedia

Alden Richards and James Reid Master TVC Number of Views

Watch Alden Richards and James Reid Master Sikreto ng mga Gwapo TVC. As of this posting James Reid TVC has more than 60k views in a span of one year while Alden Richards Mater TVC already viewed almost 1 Million times in a span of just 4 months.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Destined to be Yours Trailer Teaser

Watch Destined to be Yours Trailer Teaser. Alden and Maine will be having their first ever Teleserye Primetime on GMA Network.

Watch the teaser trailer and some best comments from AlDub Nation.

Watch Alden Richards Live in Hongkong

Alden Richards will be in HongKong for ONE FINE DAY with THE BAE @aldenrichards02 in HK.See posters for more details.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Watch Hahamakin Ang Lahat on GMA

GMA Drama: Isang ipinagbabawal na pag-ibig ang pagtitibayin ng malalim na pagkakaibigan. Ngunit paano kung ang tiwala ay mapalitan ng matinding poot?

#HahamakinAngLahat | October 31 on GMA Afternoon Prime.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Wowowin Most Funniest Question and Answer

Read the most funnies tQuestion and Answer in Wowowin. This is actually a reporst from facebook page "Tawa Pa More."

ACTUAL NA SAGOT SA PROGRAMANG WOWOWEE, dami kung tawa nito hahahahaha

#Q1: "Ano sa Tagalog ang teeth?"
A: "Utong!"
#Q2: Kung ang light ay ilaw, ano naman ang lightning?"
A: "Umiilaw!"
#Q3: "Kung vegetarian ang tawag sa kumakain ng gulay, ano ang tawag sa kumakain ng tao?
A: "Humanitarian?"
#Q4: "Sina Michael at Raphael ay mga."
A: "Ninja?"
#Q5: "Ano ang karaniwang kasunod ng kidlat?"
A: "Sunog!"
#Q6: "Magbigay ng sikat na Willie."
A: "Willie da pooh!"
#Q7: "Ang mga Hindu ay galing sa aling bansa?"
A: "Hindunesia?"
#Q8: "Anong hayop si King Kong?"
A: "Pagong!"
#Q9: "Magbigay ng mabahong pagkain."
A: "Tae!"
#Q10: "Saang bansa matatagpuan ang mga Canadians?"
A: "Canadia!"
#Q11: "Kumpletuhin - Little Red ____."
A: "Ribbon!"
#Q12: "Ano ang tinatanggal sa itlog bago ito kainin?"
A: "Buhok?"
#Q13: "Magbigay ng pagkain na dumidikit sa ngipin."
A: "Tinga!"
#Q14: "Anong oras kadalasang pinapatay ang TV?"
A: "Pag balita?"
#Q15: "Ano ang tawag mo sa anak ng taong grasa?"
A: "Baby oil?"
#Q16: "Saan karaniwang ginagawa ang mga sweets na ginagamit sa halu-halo?"
A: "Sweetserland?"
#Q17: "Sinong higanteng G ang tinalo ni David?"
A: "Godzilla?"
#Q18: "Ano ang mas malaki, itlog ng ibon o sanggol ng tao?"
A: "Itlog ng tao!"
#Q19: "Anong S ang tawag sa duktor na nago-opera?"
A: "Sadista?"
#Q20: "Blank is the best policy."
A: "Ice tea?"
#Q21: "Saan binaril si Jose Rizal?"
A: "Sa likod!"
#Q22: "Fill in the blanks - Beauty is in the eye of the ____."
A: "Tiger?"
#Q23: "Ano ang kinakain ng monkey-eating eagle?"
A: "Saging!"
#Q24: "Kung ang suka ay vinegar, ano naman ang Inggles ng toyo?"
A: "Baliw!"
#Q25: "Anong tawag mo sa kapatid ng nanay mo?"
A: "Kamag-anak!"
#Q26: "Saan nakukuha ang sakit na AIDS?" A: "Sa motel?"
#Q27: "Kung ang H2O ay water, ano naman ang CO2?"
A: "Cold water!"
#Q28: "Sinong cartoon character ang sumisigaw ng yabba dabba doo?"
A: "Si scooby dooby doo?"
#Q29: "Heto na si kaka, bubuka-bukaka."
A: "Operadang bakla?"
#Q30: "Ilan ang bituin sa American flag?"
A: "Madami!"
#Q31: "Ano ang tawag mo sa taong isa lang ang mata?"
A: "Abnormal!"

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